Trauma Therapy
"I no longer want my past to weight me down."

Two Thirds of children report at least 1 traumatic event by age 16.


1 in 7 children have experienced abuse or neglect.


83% of LGBTQ+ members have had at least 1 adverse childhood experience.


Trauma takes shape in many forms. It's effects are stored not only in the mind through memories, but throughout the body. The interconnected insidiousness of trauma has a lasting impact on how we take in sensory information, cope with a spectrum of emotions, experience relationships both social and romantic, and engage sexually with ourselves and others. Ultimately, it influences our sense of safety and security in ourselves, others, and the world.  

Integrating relational neuroscience and somatic understanding of the mind-body connection, we will work together to understand how these past experiences have had an impact throughout your personal, professional, sexual, social, and romantic life. Together, we will process its influence on your perceptions of self and relationships with others. We will identify the coping strategies that you have used to maintain some sense of safety and control, and expand upon those initial coping strategies, that may at times not fully soothe the underlying core stressors in the present moment.    

Tools fostered throughout our sessions include: emotional and body-based regulation skills, self-compassion, effective communication, embracing resiliency, and somatic affective awareness.

"Evidence-based trauma therapy that's tailored to you."

I provide support for the following: