Therapy for Anxiety & Stress 

Anthony Dimitrion, LCSW. Anxiety Therapy, Sex Therapy, Couples Therapy in Ridgewood, NJ 07450.
"My mind is constantly finding something to stress over."

Anxiety and stress manifest in ways that are unique to everyone. Chronic butterflies in your stomach, your heart pounding heavily, or pressure in your chest. Your mind may ruminate endlessly with fears, worries, negative self-talk, past and current stressors, or future "to do's".


Anxiety and stress occur for everyone, what can make it difficult to manage is the intensity and duration of these sensations, and their overall impact on our daily lives. 

I incorporate proven evidence-based treatment modalities that are grounded in relational neuroscience and the mind-body relationship. Together we work to increase a sense of internal connection and a "whole-body" understanding of the impact that anxiety and stress have on you. As you become better aware of the subtle manifestations of your anxiety, you will be more confident in acknowledging its presence, allowing you to utilize effective cognitive and behavioral coping techniques taught in session. 

I provide support for the following:

Generalized Anxiety 

Social Anxiety

Performance Anxiety

Ruminating Thoughts

Low Self-Esteem

Family Stress

Relationship Anxiety/Dating Anxiety

Sex & Intimacy Anxiety

Panic Attacks

"Evidence-based anxiety therapy that's tailored to you."