Therapy for Teens & Tweens (ages 12+)

Anthony Dimitrion, LCSW, CCSC. Teen Therapy in Ridgewood, NJ 07450.
"My child just doesn't seem themselves any more."

Being a teenager (or a 'tweenager') in today's world is hard! Academic pressures, peer pressures, pressures from social media-the list goes on and on. At the same time mom or dad are the last ones that they want to open up to about how these pressures are impacting them. That's where I come in! 


I strive to provide a safe, non-judgmental environment where teens can lower their many walls to just be themselves. Together we will explore the many concerns that exist in their world, while identifying concrete coping skills that can be utilized outside of session. I incorporate parents throughout the treatment process through monthly parent consultation sessions. 

I provide support for the following:


Social Withdrawal/Self Isolation

Social or Generalized Anxiety

Ruminating Thoughts

Academic Stress 

Low Self-Esteem 

Difficulties with Peers

LGBTQ+ Youth / Coming Out Process (LGBTQ+ Affirmative)

Developmentally Appropriate Sexual Health Education

"Evidence-based teen therapy that's tailored to your child."