Sexual Health Therapy &

Intimacy Coaching 

Anthony Dimitrion, LCSW. Anxiety Therapy, Sex Therapy, Couples Therapy in Ridgewood, NJ 07450.
"I want to feel sexually confident and secure in myself regardless of relationship status."

What exactly is Sex Therapy?

Sexuality is often complicated by subjective messages, beliefs, and values learned throughout one's life. These messages, beliefs, and values become ingrained in us, influencing our perceptions of sex, intimacy, and relationships. 


I provide individuals a space to process and overcome sexual and intimacy concerns that are having an impact on self-esteem, confidence, social and romantic relationships, and daily life. Through sex therapy we will explore the underlying factors contributing to your sexual health and intimacy concerns, while helping you identify concrete skills that can be used in-between sessions. 


My goal as a sex therapist is to help normalize dialogue about sexuality and intimacy by providing a judgement-free, compassionate space where you are free to be your authentic self. I strongly believe in the importance of understanding the mind-body connection in relation to the presenting concern. I incorporate mindfulness-based, relational neuroscience, acceptance and commitment, and somatic approaches to help individuals and couples feel confident and comfortable with their sexuality.

Areas of Sex Therapy specialization include:

Compulsive Masturbation or Porn Use.*

*formerly known as pornography/masturbation addiction

Compulsive Sexual Behavior.*

*formerly known as sex addiction

Dating Issues & Dating Anxiety.

Erectile Dysfunction. 

Low, No, or Mismatched Sexual Desire.

Gay Men's Sexual Issues (topping, bottoming)

Pre-Mature/Rapid or Delayed Ejaculation.

Sexual Performance Anxiety. 

Sexuality or Gender Identity Exploration. 

What exactly is Intimacy & Relationship Coaching?

Intimacy & Relationship Coaching, is a sex positive, solution-focused approach to helping individuals and couples achieve satisfaction in their dating, romantic, and/or sex life. Through a combination of relationship and sexuality education, skill building, and weekly assignments I coach clients striving to increase their confidence and understanding in the realms of dating, sexuality, and intimacy.


Some of the areas I provide coaching support for include: 

Dating coaching, intimacy tune-up, sexuality & sexual health education, & helping couples communicate and incorporate sexual fantasies, desires, or kink into their relationship.

Why should I/We work with you?

Contemplating reaching out for sex therapy or intimacy coaching services may initially feel intimidating. Our society does not like to openly discuss sexuality, especially when it comes to concerns related to sexual difficulties. As a therapist and coach I want to normalize the vulnerability that many feel when contemplating reaching out. Society makes talking about sex and intimacy complicated enough, in my office you can be open without fear of judgement or criticism. It takes a big step and a lot of courage to reach out for support!


I strive to provide a safe space where clients can be their true selves and leave the many hats they wear at the door. ​As a sex therapist and coach, my work is grounded in evidence-based treatment that is rooted in relational neuroscience, acceptance and commitment therapy, and the mind-body relationship. I take a holistic approach to working with all clients. I am sex positive, LGBTQ+ affirmative, kink affirmative, and consensual non-monogamy/poly friendly. 

"Evidence-based sex therapy & intimacy coaching that's tailored to you."