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Anthony Dimitrion, LCSW. Anxiety Therapy, Sex Therapy, Couples Therapy in Ridgewood, NJ 07450.
"From goal-oriented sex towards pleasure-focused sex."

What exactly is Sex Therapy?

Sexuality is often complicated by life experiences and subjective messages, beliefs, and values learned throughout one's life. These experiences, messages, beliefs, and values become ingrained in us, influencing our perceptions of sex, intimacy, and relationships. 


What is your approach to Sex Therapy?

I take a sex-positive, "whole person" approach to working with sexuality and sexual health concerns. There is a natural interconnectedness between mind, body, and emotions, which is connected to and influenced by lived experiences, relationships with others, perceptions of sexuality, and view of self. Together, through this larger, more interconnected lens, you will learn to connect with your sexuality in a more meaningful, confident, and authentic manner.

In an effort to gather a holistic picture of you, your history, and your current goals for therapy, I take a comprehensive approach to assessment and goal setting.


This assessment will consist of:

Mental Health, Relational, & Sexual Health History Assessment

Goal Setting


Sexual Health Introduction


My goal as a sex therapist is to help normalize dialogue about sexuality and intimacy by providing a judgement-free, compassionate space where you are free to be your authentic self.

Areas of Sex Therapy specialization include:

Anxiety During Sex

Delayed Ejaculation

Erectile Dysfunction

Kink-Aware & Affirmative Therapy *

Low, No, or Mismatched Sexual Desire

Pre-Mature Ejaculation 

Shame Related to Sex, Eroticism, or Kink *

* For information on therapy for kink-unique stressors click here

"Evidence-based sex therapy that's tailored to you."

Why should I work with you?

Contemplating reaching out for sex therapy services can feel intimidating! Society makes talking about sex and intimacy complicated enough. I strive to provide a space where open conversations about sexuality and intimacy can be explored in a sex-positive and affirming manner. 

You don't have to go through this alone!


I have completed extensive education and clinical mentorship in human sexuality, male-specific sexual health concerns, erotic orientation, trauma-related sexual concerns, and queer-affirmative therapy. My practice is LGBTQ+ affirmative, kink-aware, and consensual non-monogamy/poly friendly

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