Affirmative Couples Therapy 

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"Our relationship has lost that spark it once had."

Making the decision to come in for therapy is a big step for any couple. I provide a non-judgmental space for couples to unpack current stressors and learn new skills to improve the quality and intimacy of their relationship. I specialize in providing sex and intimacy specific couples therapy utilizing the research-based Gottman Couples Therapy Method in combination with mindfulness-based, experiential, and emotion-focused techniques to learn new ways of connecting on an intimate and emotional level. 

Couples Therapy Session Structure:

One of the key differences in my approach to couples therapy is the initial comprehensive relationship assessment. This comprehensive assessment is 2-3 sessions long. It allows us to collaboratively identify current relationship strengths and areas for growth. At the conclusion of the assessment, a roadmap will be co-created for your specific relationship and intimacy concerns.


- Assessment Session 1: A joint 60 min. couples session where we will explore the current problem, history of the relationship, and communication styles. 

- Assessment Sessions 2-3 :  Two individual 50 min. sessions (one session for each partner). During the individual sessions we will continue to discuss feelings about the relationship and the identified problem, as well as gather personal background information. During the last 10 minutes we will gather together jointly and identify goals for treatment based on what was explored during both individual and couples components of the assessment. 

All remaining sessions will be joint couples sessions focused on effective interventions to increase emotional connection and intimacy, enhance communication and understanding, and decrease negative interactions. 

* If you and your partner are searching for a quick intimacy tune-up where you can learn intimacy skills, receive sexuality education, or learn how to integrate fantasy into your relationship in 2-4 sessions Intimacy Coaching might be a better fit! 

I specialize in the following relationship related areas:

Low, No, or Mismatched Sexual Desire

Communication Problems

Intimacy & Sex-Related Concerns

"Post-Honeymoon" Phase Intimacy Concerns 

Parenting Style Disputes

Developing & Maintaining Empathy

Consensual Non-Monogamy/Poly Friendly

Kink Affirmative

Note that insurance is not accepted for couples therapy. Reduced Rates are available to those who qualify. 

"Evidence-based couples therapy that's tailored to your relationship."