Psychotherapy & Sex Therapy for Men  

Let's face it...Societal expectations of masculinity can make it HARD for MEN to have REAL conversations about sexual insecurity, self-esteem, and mental health!

TOGETHER, we can have HONEST conversations about your concerns WITHOUT fear of judgement or shame!

"It takes a lot of courage to seek support!"


My name is Anthony Dimitrion (he/him). My practice specializes in Men's Mental, Emotional, and Sexual Health. I have dedicated my career to helping men better understand their masculinity, sexuality, and mental-emotional well-being so that they feel more confident in living their life with authenticity

My practice provides evidence-based support for men struggling with stressors related to:


Mental Health

Sexual Health



Erotic Orientation & Kink


Childhood Trauma

Sexual Abuse & Sexual Trauma

I have advanced education in attachment, gender identity, men's sex therapy, queer affirmative therapy, relational neuroscience, human sexuality, relationship diversity, and trauma.

"A Proudly Queer Affirmative, Kink-Aware, and Poly/CNM Friendly Space."


Together we can work to weave a holistic narrative of your current concerns, interconnecting the mind, body, and emotions with your relationships, view of self, and lived experiences.


Through our work together we can reaffirm your...


Innate resiliency



Vision for pleasure-focused sexuality


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Men's Affirmative psychotherapy, sex therapy, & trauma therapy  in New Jersey. 

Practice Areas of Specialization