An Affirmative

Space where it's Okay to Be You.

Inviting our thoughts and feelings into awareness allows for us to learn from them rather than be driven by them.

-Daniel J. Siegel, MD, pioneer of Interpersonal Neurobiology-



My name is Anthony Dimitrion (he/him). I am a psychotherapist, sex therapist, and LGBTQ+ affirmative therapist in Bergen County, New Jersey.

My practice provides social-emotional support geared to today’s socially conscious, LGBTQ+ affirmative, forward-thinking young adults, millennials, & progressive individuals.


As a gay-identified therapist, I strongly believe in the power of authenticity. When both client and therapist feel safe to be their authentic selves, insight, growth, and self-compassion are possible. I have particular expertise in supporting members of the LGBTQ+ community and men of all orientations through concerns with mental health, sex, sexuality, gender, and relationships. 

My ultimate goal as a therapist is to provide a safe, confidential space where clients feel comfortable to explore difficult topics while learning how to effectively cope day-to-day. 

"Through a curious frame of mind we can begin to see our thoughts and feelings as small parts of a larger whole. With this understanding we can see the many other possibilities that exist in our reality."  -AD. 


Anthony Dimitrion, LCSW, CCSC, RPT | Ridgewood Psychotherapist
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Practice Areas of Specialization

Evidence-based affirmative therapy tailored to your unique goals. 

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Anxiety & Stress Therapy