An Affirmative
Space where it's Okay to
Be You.

Let's face it...Society makes it HARD to talk about sex, sexuality, trauma, emotions, and insecurity!

TOGETHER, we can have an HONEST conversation about these topics WITHOUT fear of judgement or shame!



My name is Anthony Dimitrion (he/him). I am a Psychotherapist, Sex Therapist, and LGBTQ+ Affirmative Therapist in Bergen County, New Jersey.

I provide social, emotional, somatic, sexual health support geared toward today’s socially conscious, forward-thinking young adults, millennials, gen x, & other progressive individuals.


As a gay-identified therapist, I strongly believe in the power of authenticity. My goal is to provide a safe, confidential space where moments of authentic presence, meaningful insight, compassion, and personal growth can flourish.


My practice specifically specializes in supporting men of all orientations & members of the LGBTQ+ community with concerns including:


Mental Health Stressors

Sexual Health Concerns




Dating & Relationships​

Childhood, Relational, & Sexual Trauma


Anthony Dimitrion, LCSW, CST | Ridgewood, Bergen Count, NJ Psychotherapist

Practice Areas of Specialization

Affirmative psychotherapy, sex therapy, & trauma therapy in New Jersey.